About Us

Local Residents Choose us When They Need Biohazard Cleaning in Green Bay Wisconsin

Founded by two brothers we are the biohazard cleaning company that started off doing crime scene cleanup in the Green Bay Wisconsin area. Now years later we are one of the top specialty cleaning companies in Green Bay Wisconsin. When we started our company we wanted to be a easy resource for any resident dealing with the aftermath of death in Green Bay or a nearby city. By being one of the only 24-hour cleaners that deals with blood cleanup from the aftermath of a death, we are the company you can count on for any biohazard cleaning.

How We Operate in Green Bay Wisconsin

Always open and always ready to assist residents we make scheduling any of our specialty biohazard cleaning simple. First call us and speak with one of our representatives about what happened at the home. These are brief conversations where we try to determine what damage may of happened. Second, we will schedule a time for our hazmat cleaners to come to the home and evaluate the damage and determine what needs to be done. This allows us to determine how many rooms were affected and how many pieces of furniture has blood on it. Third, we will with your permission begin cleaning the home and remove the waste from the aftermath of the death or accident. Next, we take care of all the biohazard waste that was removed and send it to a biohazard waste disposal facility in Green Bay Wisconsin.

We Are Community Oriented

We support local business and residents in Green Bay Wisconsin with any required blood cleanup. This has made us the #1 company in the area to call for crime scene cleanup in Green Bay Wisconsin. Our goal is to ensure any home that needs us in the area can be sanitized and sterilized properly by licensed professionals. If you have blood present on any surfaces we will cleaning and sanitize it.

Full Service & 100% Guaranteed

We give you only fully licensed biohazard cleaning AKA crime scene cleaners in Green Bay WI. When a death happens at a house it take professionally licensed specialty cleaning companies like ours to help. Whether it is blood from a crime scene, suicide, or unattended death; we got you covered. We analyze the damage to determine the most effective way to clean the home and restore the damage area to a sanitized condition. This may sometimes include using industrial ozone generators to eliminate odors. We don’t stop there we even have people ready to answer any questions about insurance coverage or to file a insurance claim for the damage on your behalf. Let us help you, choose us.

What Should You Do Now?

Call us, we are always open even on holidays. Our team with evaluate everything with you and go over any questions. We have been doing biohazard and crime scene cleanup in the vicinity of Green Bay Wisconsin for over a decade. There isn’t too many problems we haven’t seen, so call us up and let us try to find a solutions for your problems. You can also read more about crime scene cleanup in Green Bay Wisconsin here.

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