Racine Wisconsin Facts and Demographics

Racine Wisconsin has a population of 76,893 and is located on the shore of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Root River.  Just 22 miles south of Milwaukee, Racine is ranked the 5th largest city in Wisconsin.  Racine Wisconsin is part of Racine County and boasts S.C. Johnson & Son headquarters which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Geographics Racine Wisconsin has the latitude and longitude coordinates of 42.7261° N, and 87.7829° W.  The FBI reports that the chances of being a victim of a violent or property crime in Racine Wisconsin is 1 in 43.  When you have had a murder/homicide or any property damage where blood cleanup is needed we provide residents and businesses located in Racine with crime scene cleanup and property cleanup.  Call our 24-hour emergency biohazard property cleanup to find out how we can help you.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Racine WI | ACT Cleaners

Experts for crime scene and biohazard cleaning in Racine Wisconsin but also do any suicide and unattended death cleanup in Racine call us at 1-888-477-0015. At crime scene cleanup in Racine Wisconsin is the experts for biohazard cleaning in Wisconsin.  When you need home cleaning in Racine due to a death you need crime and trauma scene cleanup in Racine. After over a decade of helping families rebuild after a tragedy when a crime happens leaving blood at a home in Racine, people call us for death cleaning jobs.

  • A crime scene from a murder or homicide will leave the victim’s family with a horrible amount of blood to clean up
  • In fact of any home we know of where people have tried, they end up needing to call us in for the crime scene cleanup in Racine and often have made matters worse.

Crime scene cleaning is a job we have perfected and done everything from small to larger crime scene jobs. You will never see us walk away from a crime scene cleanup. We are always ready to work for you. If you need crime scene cleaners in Racine or blood cleanup after a death, ACT Cleaners Racine is open 24 hours a day call us.  Most biohazards can be scheduled to be cleaned on the same day.  For example, if the home has had an unattended death, suicide, or medical accident we can usually come the same day you call us.  In some situations involving a real-life crime scene, we will need to coordinate the crime scene tape removal with our detective contact with the Racine Wisconsin Police Department.

Emergency Cleaning Solutions Available in Racine WI

Expert Blood Cleanup & Decontamination

ACT Cleaners not only can a crime scene have blood to clean up, but in Racine WI there is a number of jobs our cleaners have helped with other biohazard cleanings including fingerprint dust cleanup.

  • Once the Racine Police are done investigating a homicide or murder they will often leave behind fingerprint dust
  • Our cleaners understand how to professionally clean fingerprint dust and that’s not all
  • In cases where the assailant is still in the home, the Police may have used tear gas which is a difficult substance to clean.

However, we have over 10 years of experience with tear gas cleanup in Racine and are ready to help solve this problem for you. Keep in mind we are not some run of the mill carpet cleaners or two guys and a mop, our crime scene cleaners have extensive training and are ready to provide fast reliable after death cleanup at your home in Racine WI.  You may also need blood cleanup in Madison WI or check out our new offices doing trauma death cleaning in Milwaukee.

Biohazard Cleanup in Racine Wisconsin

All homes we clean have some form of biohazard such as blood or human fluids which need to be cleaned.  We are the area’s 24-hour biohazard cleanup service and provide assistance when blood cleanup is necessary.  This is due to the hazmat status of blood, which is considered a biohazard and requires our expertise.  Contact us for any biohazard cleaning in Racine Wisconsin.

The aftermath of a Death Cleanup Racine WI

When we discuss after death cleaning it is not always for a crime scene like a murder in Racine.  Although Racine has its fair share of crime scenes, it is also a place that requires assistance cleaning up after natural unattended death and other trauma scenes. Some people contact us for medical accidents, as well as suicide cleanup in Racine WI. It is important to understand that as a certified professional biohazard cleaning company we can help with an array of blood cleanup-related issues.  The most common scenes do tend to be murder cleanup, suicide cleanup, or unattended death cleanup in Racine.

Death Cleaning Jobs

People interested in employment should check out the job listings below.  You may also apply to be a crime scene cleanup technician by submitting the employment form.  All death cleaning jobs require blood-borne pathogen certification and training in Wisconsin.  We look forward to hearing from you and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

You may also find more information on death cleanup and resources for help and support.

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Providing crime scene cleanup in Racine WI and assisting with any tear gas cleanup in Racine as well as other blood cleanup. We are the first to call for a suicide cleanup or unattended death cleanup in Racine Wisconsin.
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