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You may already be aware that we are the professional experts for crime scene cleanup in La Crosse WI. These are not always crime scenes, although we do clean up after murders and homicides we do much more. At the start of our company were doing crime scene cleanup, but we now deal with many suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup.

After death cleaning is not a do-it-yourself type of job. You will want a crime scene cleanup company in La Crosse Wisconsin that can handle any biohazard left from the crime scene or death scene. Act crime scene cleanup La Crosse WI provides you with the very best of crime scene cleaning from a murder scene or a homicide cleanup. If the house is an active crime scene we will coordinate the crime scene tape removal with our detective contact at the La Crosse Wisconsin Police Department.

Emergency Cleaning Solutions Available in La Crosse WI

Suicide Cleanup La Crosse WI

With our name, you would assume we only clean a crime scene, but we do any blood cleanup. This means we deal with suicide cleanup in La Crosse WI. The increasing number of suicide related death’s in Wisconsin are cause for concern for sure but we also must be aware that clean-up of this is necessary. Professional crime scene cleaners can help you with any level of suicide cleanup in La Crosse. We have dealt with gunshot suicide as well as hangings and by knife. This is also true for drug overdose and other ways of self-inflicted death.

Unattended Death Cleanup Services

Any time a dead body is not discovered quickly there is a significant chance that there will be decomposing body tissue. This will leave cracks and crevices in the corpse that when moved will release blood and human fluids onto the floors of the home. This requires hazmat cleanup and similar cleaning and decontamination services as we offer for crime scenes and suicide scenes. It is important to schedule an unattended death cleanup in La Crosse Wisconsin as soon as possible. The fluids can cause extreme odors that can result in further damage throughout the home. This can cause people to need more extreme cleaning is done which can increase the crime scene cleanup costs. Call our professional hazmat cleaners today to discuss an estimate and how insurance works.

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we do crime scene cleanup in Lacrosse Wisconsin and Eastern Wisconsin. The crime scene cleaning or other jobs like suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup are all extreme cleaning we deal with. call on us for any crime scene clean up Lacrosse Wisconsin work.
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