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The very best in restoration services with a specialty in crime scene cleaning, unattended death clean-up, blood cleanup, and remediation of suicide scenes.  Call us 24 hours a day including holidays at 1-888-477-0015

If you are in need of Biohazard or Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Virginia Beach VA we are your go-to professionals. We have been working closely with the families and companies of Virginia Beach for almost a decade and have grown close to keeping the community clean and safe. In an incident of a violent crime cleanup or a suicide cleanup, there is a level of safety that you need to be guaranteed when someone comes into your home and that is something we can provide. Our technicians are outfitted with top-level gear and top-level remediation materials to ensure that your home or business is safe following the incident.

Compassion Emergency Cleaning Services for Virginia Beach Residents

The Original Crime Scene Cleaners Virginia Beach

Whether that is a suicide, accident, blood spill, tear gas, or even a crime scene we will bring your business or home back to new. Biohazards left unchecked can provide a serious health hazard if not cleaned properly, and that is where we shine. We are located in Virginia and are able to schedule most cleanups within 24hs saving you money and time. Please do not attempt to call a maid or carpet cleaning service. They only serve to cover up the issue and not remove any possible dangerous contagions that could be left behind.

Then Aftermath of a Suicide Cleaning Service in Virginia Beach

Here at ACT Cleaners Virginia Beach Branch Office, we understand that suicide is a complicated time for everyone involved. Although we are known for our crime scene cleaning and blood cleanup after a crime scene, our professionals have the level of tact that you would want in a situation like suicide. These traumas are often messy and in personal areas requiring a delicate touch that our certified technicians have. We can arrive in unlabeled descript vehicles and ensure that this is something that remains a private matter.

After Death Cleaning & Restoration Services

When a corpse goes undiscovered it will be classified as an unattended death.  ACT Cleaners of Virginia Beach specializes in cleaning up the aftermath of these death scenes.  When a dead body is unattended it will decompose and release bodily fluids onto the nearby surfaces after the corpse is removed.  To deal with this our crime scene cleaners in Virginia Beach will remove these hazards and sanitize the surrounding areas.  If you need assistance with unattended death cleanup in Virginia Beach please call our 24-hour cleaners at any time.

Death Cleaning Jobs

You may also be looking for crime scene cleanup jobs in Virginia Beach and we applaud you.  What a great and rewarding career a crime scene cleanup technician has.  Helping families will make you feel good, but a career in a crime scene and biohazard cleaning is not for everyone.  You may want to research reviews and other information before applying, if you are still interested then please email us your resume.  We prefer not to have our phone lines tied up while families may be needing us for a crime scene cleanup.

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Crime Scene Cleanup, Biohazard Cleaning, Blood Clean Up, Restoration
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ACT Cleaners provide Crime Scene Cleaning in Virginia Beach and the greater area of the commonwealth. Our experts are on call 24/7 to schedule your cleanup. We are certified in blood, crime scene, and most other biohazard accidents. Please call us today if you are in need.
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