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As the local option for crime scene cleanup in Norfolk, we try to be the best we can at blood cleanup.  Cleaning up any crime scene or after any death is a very involved process.  Determining both “where is the blood” to what we need to do to clean it up is something that our experience provides that many cannot.  Our crime scene cleaners in Norfolk have been extensively trained and work hard to provide a dedicated service that will give you crime scene cleanup in Norfolk that is unsurpassed.

With a cleaning company like ACT Cleaners, you can be certain that the experience we deliver is beyond compare.  From other blood cleanup companies in Norfolk you may also experience delays in the times they are open, we are always open.  A true 24-hour crime scene cleanup company in Norfolk Virginia ready and at your service.

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The aftermath of a Suicide Cleaning Norfolk VA

For anyone dealing with suicide or death in any manner, we give you our heartfelt condolences.  Although the matter of cleaning up after death is a necessity it is still a delicate subject manner.  In this regard, we believe in being direct.  Blood is dangerous, it may contain bacteria and viruses that can cause harm.  Blood will congeal to surfaces and sub-flooring and cause extreme odors and incubate more bacteria.  If you have had a suicide then you may need help with a suicide cleanup in Norfolk VA, please call us we can help you.

Undiscovered or Unattended Death Cleanup for Norfolk Virginia

The undiscovered dead body at a home in Norfolk Virginia can soon be a biohazard.  When a corpse is not discovered for 1-3 days it will begin to decompose, releasing blood and other fluids onto nearby surfaces.  It takes crime scene cleaners to deal with the aftermath of an unattended death.  ACT Cleaners provides residents with unattended death cleanup in Norfolk Virginia.  Contact us by phone or online chat to discuss scheduling your home to be cleaned and decontaminated.

Why You Need Blood Cleanup Service Norfolk VA

Blood cleanup is important to be done in order to ensure your safety and to remove these extreme and awful odors caused by death.  A suicide cleanup in Norfolk compounds these issues by typically causing blood splatter affecting the more overall and diverse surface area.  To deal with this we utilize equipment and talented crime scene cleanup technicians to determine what parts of the surface area have been affected.

Who’s Hiring for Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs Norfolk VA

Looking for jobs in Norfolk and thinking about a career doing crime scene cleanup?  You may have seen the recent articles published on our crime scene cleanup salary and thought you could do this job!  We can help, as a growing company, we are always on the lookout for people and crime scene cleanup technicians in Norfolk that can help us grow.  Climbing the corporate ladder can be hard and so can crime scene cleanup jobs, so we advise you to research our industry before sending us your resume.  If you are still interested in a job, please do not call, we prefer all resumes to be sent by email so we can review them when we have time.  You may also be interested in crime scene cleanup in Richmond VA or crime scene cleanup in Alexandra VA.  You may also learn more about crime scene cleanup and the industry as a whole.

The Original Crime Scene Cleaners in Norfolk VA

Here at ACT Cleaners, we want to immediately take care of your problem so life can resume. Experienced in all types of properties commercial and residential alike. Our crime scene cleaners are licensed and certified to provide you with the best help in Norfolk VA.  We also now provide death cleanup in Washington DC.


It’s important to us for people to “keep it local” and work with local businesses listed in the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.  We also think it’s important to be in good standing with the Norfolk Better Business Bureau when you work with local services.  The laws and regulations set forth by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.


“They helped us understand the crime scene cleanup costs and figure out what our insurance was, they helped complete a lot of work necessary for my brother’s house in Norfolk that had a suicide in it” – Daniel

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ACT Cleaners are certified crime scene cleanup in Norfolk VA. We are expert in cleaning all kind of biohazard scenes and trauma scene. If you are in Norfolk VA or the Greater Commonwealth of Virginia please give us a call today to schedule your cleaning service.
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