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ACT Cleaners-based crime scene cleanup in Plano continues to expand biohazard death cleaning to meet the requirement of the area.  Learn how we assist you with everything from the blood cleanup to trauma scene cleaning from the aftermath of a death.  We have now added additional sanitizing solutions for any blood cleanup including the removal of any furniture or bedding that has been contaminated as the experts for crime scene cleaning in Plano our biohazard restoration company is here for you.  Schedule services for any blood clean up or ask us to your home tonight.  We are open 24 hours a day to provide a full line of biohazard cleaning.  From medical accidents to suicide or unattended death we can clean it for you.  Our crime scene cleanup company in Plano has positive reviews and a reputation for never closing.

After the crime scene is released or even before, you will want to schedule biohazard cleaning services in Plano.  For over 10 years we have helped families like yours deal with the trauma and travesty or the cleanup after a crime scene in Plano Texas.  The majority of our work consists of blood cleanup in Plano but we are also the first to call for any fingerprint dust cleanup or tear gas.  If you or your family have been the victims of a crime in Plano TX and need help cleaning up blood, then you need crime scene cleanup in Plano.  No matter what time of day or night you need us, we answer our phone lines 24 hours a day and provide fast response times.  Although we rely on being one of the faster crime scene cleaners in Plano speed is only part of our job.

As a reliable partner to you, we have to navigate the dangers of the blood cleanup to ensure the scene is cleaned.  We are constantly undergoing training and using the latest products and cleaning tools available.  Not only are we the company people rely on for crime scene cleaning in Plano but we are also the place for suicide cleanup or unattended death cleanup.  Essentially if any type of trauma, accident, or death has resulted in blood stains or pools of blood then we can clean it.  If you or someone you know recently were a victim of a crime please call our 24-hour number above to reach out to us and learn more about crime scene cleanup in Plano Texas.

Plano Texas Facts and Demographics

Plano Texas has a population of 285,494 and is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  Plano Texas is part of Collin and Dentin County and is the 9th largest city in Texas.  Geographically latitude of Plano, TX, is 33.019844, and the longitude is -96.698883.  The crime rates in Plano Texas are hovering around 1,830 per 100,000 people with a violent crime rate of 1 in every 632 people.  Due to this when there is a murder/homicide we provide 24-hour emergency property cleanup in Plano Texas.  With our trauma scene and crime scene cleaning services available to residents and businesses located in Plano Texas.  Call us today and find out how we can help you.

Emergency Cleaning Services Available for Plano Texas

Why Choose Us for Biohazard Cleaning Plano Texas

The aftermath of a death scene or trauma scene will usually have blood and other biohazards that will need to be cleaned.  ACT Cleaners and our partners can assist you with biohazard decontamination processes that can eliminate the risks that are accompanied at a biohazard scene.  Contact us and we can schedule a time to stop by and check out the scope of damage caused by the biohazards and determine the best method to remove the blood and any blood-soaked materials including furniture.  We schedule biohazard cleanup in Plano Texas 24 hours a day including holidays.  We are always open to answering your questions or scheduling biohazard cleaning.

The aftermath of a Suicide & Unattended Death Cleanup

ACT Cleaners is rated A+ and is a top crime scene cleanup company in Plano.  But this doesn’t mean we only clean after a crime scene.  We also are asked by many people to help clean up after a suicide or an unattended death.  Either a suicide cleanup in Plano or the decomposed death materials of an unattended death utilize the same techniques we implore in a crime scene cleaning service.  In any case, involving suicide or self-inflicted wound, you will have blood at the scene similar to a crime scene.  It is the job of our crime scene cleaners in Plano to help you with any suicide cleanup or biohazard death cleaning.  If you want to learn more read our Plano crime scene cleanup cleaning blog.

Extreme Odor & Undiscovered Death Cleanup

If the corpse has not been removed from a death scene in a timely manner you will likely have extreme odors and biohazards that need to be cleaned and removed.  ACT Cleaners has trauma scene cleaners who are trained to assist you with these matters in the Plano Texas area.  We schedule homes for unattended death cleanup and odor removal 24 hours a day for residents and business owners in Plano Texas.  Our company pledge is to try to treat every home as if it were our own, and we try to ensure the highest quality biohazard cleaning.  Our specialty cleaning is blood cleanup which goes hand in hand with any unattended death that needs to be cleaned and any odor removal services.

FAQ for Crime Scene Cleaning in Plano

  • Q: Do you clean all crime scenes?
  • A: We are who you can call for any crime scene in Plano that needs to be cleaned
  • Q: Can you recommend who to call for vomit and feces?
  • A: They are actually a hazard and we can deal with feces cleanup and vomit.
  • Q: Do you clean up the blood in a car or automobile?
  • A: Yes, we do crime scene cleaning for cars too, and accident-related blood
  • Q: Can you tell me if you have any crime scene cleanup jobs in Plano Texas?
  • A: We may email us your resume or an application and we will respond when jobs are available.
  • Q: What is the crime scene cleanup salary?
  • A: A crime scene cleanup technician in Plano is paid on scales.
  • Q: Can we read testimonials
  • A: Check out what some people are saying about crime scene cleaners in Plano.

Cleaning Jobs for Plano Texas

If you are looking for jobs as a crime scene cleanup technician in Texas you may want to check the ACT Network.  Designed to put you in touch with some of the fastest-growing franchises or regions for crime scene cleaners to excel in their careers.  We know that job postings are getting a large number of inquiries.  Please make sure that if you are applying for a job as a crime scene cleaner you email a complete resume for review.

Resources & Victim Assistance Programs

We continue to advocate that people are worth with local businesses in Plano, the best resource for this is the Plano Chamber of Commerce.  Our staff also believes it is important to be in good standing with the Plano Better Business Bureau.  All strategic alliances should be in good standing with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules and regulations.

Death Certificate in Plano

Collin County Clerk’s Office
Collin County Administration Building
2300 Bloomsdale Rd., Suite 2106
McKinney, TX 75071

Plano Police Department
909 14th St, Plano, TX 75074

Plano Fire Station
900 Seabrook Dr, Plano, TX 75023

Plano Behavioral Health
4011 W Plano Pkwy #123, Plano, TX 75093


“this was the company that helped us understand how much crime scene cleanup costs and who would be responsible for my brother’s house in Plano after a murder suicide happened” – Mike R

“Our family’s home near Plano Texas had a relative commit suicide, we had to get this company to help us with the blood cleanup and they also did something to remove the awful odors” – Sara

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