Lubbock Texas Facts and Demographics

Lubbock Texas has a population of 257,013 and is located in northwest Texas.  Home to the Buddy Holly Center and the birthplace of Buddy Holly the city is considered by some to be the birthplace of rock’n’roll.  Lubbock Texas is in Lubbock County and is the 11th largest city in Texas and growing fast.  Nicknamed “Hub City” the city is also the home of Texas Tech Univesity.  Lubbock Texas violent crime rate is 919 per 100,000 population which leaves the need for our help.  With an average of 30 murders a year we provide the city of Lubbock with advanced crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup at any property located within Lubbock TX.  Call us today and find out how our emergency property cleanup in Lubbock Texas can assist you.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Lubbock TX | ACT Cleaners

After Death Cleaning for Lubbock Crime Scene Cleanup & Trauma Cleaning call 1-888-477-0015.  We do crime scene, suicide & unattended death cleanup for homes nearby Lubbock TX

With any tragedy where you require blood to be cleaned from a home, you will need our crime scene cleanup in Lubbock Texas.  A dedicated cleaning company providing the very best in cleaning equipment and trained personnel.  The blood cleanup in Lubbock TX can be scheduled for a future time or we can perform immediate cleaning.  In the event that you need our biohazard cleanup right away, we will try to determine the number of crime scene cleaners to send to your home to complete the job on time.  This is just one of the many reasons customers prefer ACT Cleaners and our 24-hour crime scene cleaning company in Lubbock Texas.

You may also be wondering what to do if you aren’t the victim of a crime.  Many people are looking for a blood cleanup company in Lubbock to deal with cleaning up after a suicide or unattended death.  We deal with a lot of suicide cleanup in Lubbock and essentially cleaning up after a death.  This is a tough job and not all companies are qualified and may leave jobs without finishing the cleaning.  You can be assured that our crime scene cleanup is always going to give you quality blood cleanup in Lubbock.

Emergency Cleaning Solutions Available in Lubbock Texas

Crime Scene Cleaners Lubbock Texas

With our licensed crime scene cleaners we are prepared for any crime scene or trauma scene in Lubbock.  We go the extra mile to help the community and try to be involved.  When called we try to help the Lubbock Police Department as well as any organization in Lubbock that have a loved one dealing with a death.  Any crime scene with a death like a murder scene is usually considered a biohazard.  Specialized training of our crime scene cleaners will allow for the safe cleaning and removal of the blood-soaked materials and property.

Suicide Cleanup Lubbock TX

Although we started our company with a murder cleanup, we do more then just clean crime scenes.  We are also a biohazard cleaning company and we deal with blood, even if it is a suicide cleanup.  Our company has helped many people who have needed a suicide cleanup in Lubbock Texas, and believe we can help you to.  With our trained crime scene cleaners in Lubbock TX, you can expect our teams to be licensed in blood-borne pathogen training.

Unattended Death Cleanup Service

When a dead body is not discovered for 1-3 days it will begin to decompose.  The decomposing dead body tissue, as well as blood, will spill onto nearby flooring.  This makes the home a biohazard and will require professional cleaning.  ACT Cleaners has solutions for unattended death cleanup for homes near Lubbock Texas.

Blood Cleanup Lubbock TX

If you have any blood you need to be cleaned up, you can count on us.  We have a few recommendations about what to do when you need blood cleanup.  First, we always suggest you do not use carpet cleaners in Lubbock.  You may damage the equipment, spread the blood, and even make matters worse.   Our system will ensure that the blood cleanup is done right the first time.  Another suggestion we have is to not lay anything over the blood spill.  Leave it be, walk away, and contact our crime scene cleanup company in Lubbock right away.

Local Resources & Victim Assistance Programs

ACT Cleaners are part of a “keeping it local” and localized initiative to support businesses listed with the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.  ACT Cleaners of Lubbock has put together of number of resources for grieving families dealing with a death in their family.

Family Counseling Services
5701 Avenue P, Lubbock, TX 79412

Counseling Services of Lubbock
3302 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79410

Combest Family Funeral Homes
2210 Broadway St, Lubbock, TX 79401


“If you have a home in Lubbock Texas this company is fantastic to work with” – Barb

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Crime scene cleanup in Lubbock is a service we provide for any blood cleanup in Lubbock. The after death cleaning we do is offered 24 hours a day. We do suicide cleanup in Lubbock as well as cleaning any crime scenes. Our primary service is to be a blood cleanup company in Lubbock Texas but we can also do tear gas cleanup in Lubbock TX.
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