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Hazardous cleaning for any crime scenes, suicide, or unattended death scenes at homes in Irving TX that need biohazard cleaning or decontamination call 1-888-477-0015

With our blood borne pathogen training we are equipped for crime scene cleanup in Irving Texas.  This incudes but is not limited to cleaning homicide scenes, suicide cleanup, and after death cleanup.   In Irving TX after a death is where our crime scene cleanup company deals with 24 hours a day.  Call our crime scene cleanup locations in Irving to find out more about how we can help you.  We currently have technicians available 24 hour a days for crime scene cleanup in Irving.  All environmental hazards must be cleaned in a way that is in like with the Dallas County Health Department.  It is important to reduce the damage done to the property and the odors that can permeate more rooms by calling us right away.  If it is an active crime scene investigation we will gain clearance from the Irving Police Department before the decontamination process.  It is important for any other residents to avoid the home until we can secure it and sanitize the surfaces.

Biohazard Cleanup Company Irving Texas

We got our start doing biohazard cleaning from the aftermath of a death scene.  From that moment our company’s founders made certain we were available for assistance to any family within a 90-mile radius of our headquarters in Irving Texas.  If you have had a death or accident at your home and there is blood, then your house is a biohazard.  Do not waste time or lose sleep, just call us.  ACT Cleaners is one of the only licensed biohazard cleaning companies in the area.  We schedule homes to be cleaned and sanitized 24-hours a day 7 days a week and are open all holidays.

Hazmat Cleaners Irving TX

Blood spills stains and unattended death’s all are jobs for crime scene cleaning in Irving Texas.  With 10 years of business we are the crime scene cleaners even the police call on.  If you have been a victim of a crime or have experienced a accident with blood stains you need will need professional cleaning.  The crime scene cleaning we do in Irving Texas is superior to janitorial services or other cleaners.  With an extensive training program and specialized hiring practices, we make sure the crime scene cleanup is done right the first time.

Many crime scene cleanup companies are in Texas but why wait when you can work with offices for Irving Texas, who provides such kind of cleanups, with a reputation for completing our jobs on time and under cost.  Look at our reviews and you will see 5 starts.  Give us your business and let us earn your respect.  As a family owned cleaning company we strive to do right the first time.  There are no second chances when dealing with a biohazard.

Unattended Death Cleanup Services

ACT Cleaners is called for many kinds of crime scenes in Irving, but we also do suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup in Irving TX.  The most common environmental hazard we clean after is from a undiscovered death or dead body that has decomposed.  We classify these as unattended death cleanup services and although they are not a crime scene the aftermath is very similar.  An unattended death will have decomposed parts of the corpse that could not be removed when the coroner comes.  This debris which is mostly blood will need to be cleaned and sanitized.  It is easy to schedule after death cleanup services with us.  Any kind of blood at a home in Irving we can clean.  We do the cleanup for any city in Dallas County Texas including Dallas, De Soto, Irving and Garland Texas.  If you are looking for crime scene cleanup in Dallas, or our new location with crime scene cleanup in Austin and the grand opening of our crime scene cleanup in Houston and the grand opening of our crime scene cleanup in San Antonio please visit the information on their profile pages.

Suicide Cleanup Services

A suicide or any self inflicted wound can have a tremendous amount of blood at a property.  Suicide statistics are on the rise in Irving and we understand that a lot of families are looking for our assistance.  If you have had a suicide at your family’s home and require hazmat cleanup we can help.  Please call us toll free and speak with our staff who can go over crime scene cleanup costs and what we can do to removal the blood soak materials and stains.

Our Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs in Irving

If anyone wants to inquire about crime scene cleanup jobs in Texas, we ask that you email in your resume.  It will take weeks to review, so please be patient.

Resources & Victim Assistance

We are part of the “keeping it local” program, an initiative to support local business in Irving Texas.  ACT Cleaners recommends working with and supporting business listed with the Irving Texas Chamber of Commerce.  Many of our customers are grieving families, so we have added the following resources as places that may be of assistances for family counseling or victim assistance programs in Irving Texas.

Las Colinas Counseling Center
1075 Kinwest Pkwy STE 107, Irving, TX 75063

Family Life Counseling
310 S Story Rd Suite 100, Irving, TX 75060

Texas victim Compensation Programs

Contact us Today! and get the certified crime scene cleanup services locally in Irving Texas at very affordable prices. Our Executives handle the insurance formalities for our customer’s insurance needs.

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Crime scene cleaning in Irving Texas is provided 24 hours a day. We do all the crime scene cleanup in Irving Texas and can help with suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup and homicide cleanup. Essentially any blood cleanup we can deal with.
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