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Expert Houston Crime Scene Cleanup & Trauma Cleaners call 1-888-477-0015. We do suicide cleanup, trauma cleaning, crime scene cleaning & unattended death cleanup in Houston TX

With our licensed crime scene cleanup in Houston Texas you get 24 hour coverage.  We are prepared to assess the damage caused by a death or crime scene at your home in Houston TX.  Our crime scene cleaners in Houston are trained with blood borne pathogen certification.  With our blood borne pathogen training we are capable of cleaning any crime scene released by the Houston Police Department.  We continue to be open during the corona virus to help families dealing with crime scene cleanup in Houston Texas.  Our company can deal with any suicide cleanup in Houston as well as unattended death cleaning.  Addition teams and services have been added to include helping with sanitizing from MRSA cleanup needs.

We have taken several measures to increase safety.  By ensuring that all our crime scene cleanup supplies are on hand and ready we can ensure the highest quality controls and standards.  With our crime scene and trauma cleaners in Houston Texas we are able to get to your home quickly.  This helps resolve some of the restraints others may have.  Scheduling is easy and only takes a few minutes.  With your safety and that our our employees in mind we perform all crime scene cleanup in Houston Texas wearing hazmat suits.  Homes that have had a murder or suicide in them should always be sanitized to prevent infectious disease and future health problems or concerns.

Crime Scene Cleaners Houston TX

With Crime scene cleaning in Houston Texas, you are dealing with people who clean up blood after an accident or death.  Our crime scene cleanup services in Houston specializes in any blood cleanup in Houston or Harris County. As the leader in biohazard cleaning and crime scene cleanup in Houston, we are focused on results. The need for professional crime scene cleaning is:

  • Due to the hazards posed by blood which is why people hire crime scene cleaners in Houston to clean
  • Blood often times has viruses and antigens unknown by others and sometimes even the victim
  • This blood can pose a danger to anyone in a nearby vicinity
  • ACT Cleaners provides crime scene cleanup in Houston Texas 24 hours a day

After Death Cleanup Houston TX

We are considered one of the more reputable firms due to our time in business. With almost 10 years of experience in cleaning up crime scenes, our crime scene cleaners are more than prepared to deal with your trauma. The most common crime scenes we clean tend to involve gunshots or an unattended after death cleaning. In Houston, we have a lot of crime, but we are not only for crime scene cleaning in Houston but, we are also commonly called in for suicide and other biohazard cleaning and remediation.

Whether you are dealing with a murder cleanup, homicide, crime scene cleanup Houston job of any sort, we can help.  As well our knowledge extends to suicide cleanup, MRSA cleanup in Houston, and even unattended death cleanup in Houston Texas.  With our experienced crime scene cleanup technicians and our private crime scene cleaning company, any trauma can be dealt with respectfully.

Suicide Cleanup Assistance

A suicide may not be a crime scene but the aftermath of a suicide has the same hazards that need to be cleaned.  Hazmat cleanup encompasses assisting families who need blood and other bodily fluids cleaned up in homes after any kind of death, including when a suicide has happened.  In our experience many times a family has other relatives living in the home where the suicide occurred.  Due to this we try to provide immediate services for anyone needing suicide cleanup assistance in Houston.  To go over costs and options please call and schedule getting one of our hazmat cleaners to your house or apartment.

Crime Scene Cleanup Salary

The recent news articles on our crime scene cleanup salary and may have gained a lot of interest. Please understand that there are different salaries for technicians and supervisors. With our growing team you too may want a crime scene cleanup job in Texas, for more on crime scene cleanup jobs in Houston please email your resume to our human resources department. You may also be interested in crime scene cleanup Training to become a crime scene cleanup in Houston, information or a list of colleges and schools for Houston that offer classes.

Blood Cleanup Protocols

The basis of crime scene cleaning is the blood cleanup. With any blood cleanup company in Houston, you are going to want a company people have depended on because:

  • This is a health issue and a very serious matter
  • You do not want the blood cleanup being completed by a run of the mill carpet cleaner in Houston
  • You will want someone who understands how to sanitize and decontaminate the scene left with blood

We believe we are the most compassionate and capable crime scene cleanup company in Houston. We would love to help you better understand how our crime scene cleaners can help you. Some of our customers have needed crime scene cleanup in Dallas or Crime scene cleanup in Austin, if you go to those reference pages you can find some excellent information as well as ratings and reviews.

Death Cleaning Jobs in Houston TX

You can be a part of our crime scene cleaning company member by filling this job application form. With any job postings, we ask that you make sure you email a complete resume with your qualifications highlighted. We will be sure to also notify you in the future when a new job is posted. With our crime scene cleanup company in Houston Texas, you can expect more job positions to open. If you are interested in a career cleaning homes after death, the industry needs you. Visitors for crime scene cleanup jobs in Texas should email us your resume and any crime scene experience you may have. It is often times beneficial if you work as a Police officer or in a Funeral home.


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ACT Cleaners of Houston believes in “keeping it local” and recommend business listed with the Houston Chamber of Commerce.  It is all important to be in “good standing” with the Houston Better Business Bureau.  We also think it is important to adhere to all environmental cleanup laws and regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


“This company helped with a murder suicide at my mother’s home in Houston, we were very satisfied with the work.. they went over all the crime scene cleanup costs and helped speak with our insurance company” – Tom

“I never thought we would need to call a hazmat cleanup company but after we had a death at my dad’s apartment in Houston we had to.  They helped us understand everything and came out for a estimate.  They had professional hazmat suits and handled everything with care.  We found them very professional and friendly. ” – Sara O.

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