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Our business has made home the city of Arlington Texas and serve it’s nearly 397,269 population.  Arlington Texas is situated just west of Dallas and is home to the University of Texas at Arlington.  As reported by the FBI the crime statistics for Alrington Texas show us an average of 2,147 violent crimes per year.  This shows a crime rate of 5.47 per 1,000 residents in Arlington Texas.  Due to this we provide as a service a 24-hour crime scene cleanup and property cleanup service.  Our 24-hour service covers the entire radius of the city as well as some surrounding communities and suburbs.   Call us today to find out how we can help you if you were victim of a crime or has a death in your property resulting in the need for biohazard cleaning.

About Crime Scene Cleanup Arlington Texas 

After crime and death cleanup service for Arlington Texas. We do after crime, suicide & unattended death cleanup in Arlington TX call 1-888-477-0015

Blood borne pathogen trained staff for crime scene cleanup in Arlington Texas.  As the local experts for crime scene cleanup in Arlington TX, our crime scene cleanup technicians stand ready to serve you.  With our locations crime scene cleanup in Arlington TX is a our primary territory.  Please call us if you have experienced a unattended death, homicide, or trauma that requires crime scene cleaning in Texas.  With an extensive knowledge of cleaning up crime scenes as well as dealing with blood cleanup, we have the right tools and cleaners to do the jobs others won’t.  With ACT Cleaners, we do crime scene cleaning 24 hours a day and provide close to immediate services in Arlington Texas.  We are licensed to clean any crime scene released by the Arlington Police Department.

Crime scene cleanup in Arlington is available to serve residents throughout Texas and any nearby cities.  We have expert training in biohazard work and have helped families with hundreds of jobs.  It is important to follow a few suggestions.  We prefer that you do not attempt to cleanup the blood on your own.  It is important not to use carpet cleaners to cleanup the blood.  We do not ever suggest trying to contact anyone other then someone certified in hazardous cleanup in Arlington TX.

Crime Scene Cleaners Arlington TX & Tarrant County

If you are here looking for crime scene cleanup jobs in Arlington Texas, we ask that you email us.  We try to keep our phone lines free for services requests for cleaning.  If you are looking for crime scene cleanup training or schools in Arlington TX, we will post updates here when we have a schedule.  Please check back with us often as we are always updating information, in the meantime please read some of our articles related to trauma cleanup and crime scene cleanup.  With over 10 year of experience as the leaders in bio hazard remediation, we look forward to becoming the cleaning company that helps you.  Whether it is a real life crime scene, a suicide cleanup, or a unattended death cleanup in Texas, we are ready to help you.  You will always be treated with respect and dignity as you see in our privacy policy.

Suicide Cleanup Service Arlington Texas

Just like with any of the crime scenes we clean, we do the same with our suicide cleanup services in Arlington TX.  It is important to clean a crime scene or death scene as soon as it is found.  The blood droplets cause us to be concerned and biohazard cleaning should be completed.  Our crime scene cleanup staff in Arlington TX, works 24 hours a day.  When you work with us we can help you understand the environmental dangers of blood being left at a home after a suicide.  Contact us and discuss the costs and setting up a free consultation.  We provide suicide cleanup assistance 24 hours a day for your convenience in scheduling.

Unattended Death Cleanup Arlington TX

The #1 way people die is from natural causes but due to our modern lives we sometimes go undiscovered.  When this happens the death is classified as a unattended death.  ACT Cleaners of Arlington Texas is proud to be the provider of unattended death cleanup services in the area.  Due to the death going undiscovered it will likely leave blood on surfaces that needs to be cleaned.  Our trauma cleaners can help you with unattended death cleanup in Arlington TX.

Cleaning Jobs Arlington Texas

If you have experience in crime scene cleaning or cleaning up blood after a death, we may want to hear from you.  Please email any resume or your job application and we will be sure to inform you of any job postings.  Crime scene cleanup is not only in Arlington but we work throughout Texas.  You may be required to do a crime scene cleanup in Dallas, biohazard cleanup in Austin, Dead body cleanup in Houston, Hazmat cleanup in Plano, and blood cleanup in El Paso.


Q: Who cleans up after a death in Texas?
A: Crime scene cleaners in Arlington are your best bet, give us a call.

Q: What is the crime scene cleanup salary in Arlington?

Q: Are you a carpet cleaner?
A: No, we use protocols for blood cleanup and blood stain removal.

Q: Do you cleanup tear gas in Arlington?
A: Yes, we do tear gas cleanup in Arlington TX.

Q: Do you do fingerprint dust cleanup in Arlington?
A: Yes, all elements of a crime scene we will clean.

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Crime scene cleaning is a tough job. We are the experts for crime scene cleanup in Arlington Texas and can help with your blood cleanup. ACT Cleaners does both crime scene cleanup as well as suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup. Cleaning up blood after a death should be left to professionals, call us today.
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