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Our trauma cleaners can help with the most advanced crime scene cleanup in Portland Oregon can call us with.  Whether we are dealing with multiple homicides or a shotgun-involved suicide or shooting, our crime scene cleaners know how to clean the scene.  Experts in the business of crime scene cleanup in Portland OR, for any OSHA emergency cleaning, murder scene, and suicide cleaning in Portland PDX.  It is important to read this:  Do not attempt to clean a crime scene yourself, the blood-borne pathogens are very dangerous and could cause harm to your health.  It may also cause complications to the biohazard and crime scene cleaning.  If this is an active crime scene we suggest contacting the Portland Police Department.

Safety is our number one priority.  With all the jobs that we do from a real-life crime scene like a murder cleanup to a suicide cleanup in Portland, the goal is to keep our crime scene cleaners and the other residents of the home as safe as possible.  When you call us for crime scene cleanup in Portland you get safety first.  We ensure that we always have every product we need in crime scene cleanup supplies to ensure not one step ever needs to be skipped.  The protocols are here to make certain your home is cleaned of any infectious disease and to make sure everyone stays safe while cleaning.  To us and to many residents in Portland our crime scene cleaners are essential workers, and their safety is essential to us.

Crime Scene Cleaners of Portland Oregon

As the leaders for crime scene cleaning in Portland we developed a 24-hour biohazard cleaning business.  This has allowed us to have our biohazard technicians available to anyone at any time.  With our crime scene cleaners in Portland, you get the cleaning you need after a death at the moment you need it.  From the onset of death from a victim of a crime to the removal of a dead person, the home is left with blood stains that need cleaning up in Portland.  A crime scene where a victim has been murdered or seriously injured will have blood throughout the home that needs to be cleaned up.  To deal with this our crime scene cleaners in Portland Oregon are called in by the families. We understand how to clean blood and can help you when others may not be able to.  Biohazard death cleanup is a serious business and requires attention to detail.  When you contact our crime scene cleaners you get the very best.  We will work with you to help get the desired outcome.  Crimes happen at unexpected times and for this, we are open 24 hours to provide crime scene cleanup in Portland.  You may also be interested in our crime scene cleanup Seattle offices for our regional business listing as well as our Northwest Training Division.

The aftermath of a Suicide Clean Up Portland Oregon

A suicide just like homicide and murder is usually done by gunshot.  The gunshot wound will cause a blood spill in the home that will be similar to what is seen at a typical crime scene.  Due to the hazards that blood can be infected with a virus, it is important to have a suicide cleanup in Portland Oregon scheduled with our crime scene cleanup company in Portland.  The aftermath of a suicide can leave a tremendous amount of blood spill and stain at a home.  You do not want to attempt to clean this yourself.  ACT Cleaners of Portland can have our professionally licensed hazmat cleaners to your home today.

Biohazard After A Death Cleaning in Portland Oregon

Although we started our business doing crime scene cleaning in Portland we are also the first to be called for a suicide cleanup in Portland.  In addition to cleaning up after a suicide, some families ask us for help when an unattended death needs cleanup due to a blood spill.  We are always saddened by the news of a death of a loved one, but it is important to schedule crime scene cleanup as fast as possible to get the home disinfected and safe.  Blood can be a carrier of unknown diseases and pathogens as well as a haven for bacteria.  It is also very important not to use a carpet cleaner on the blood to clean up.  Usually, this will result in the blood spreading to more territory and causing more difficulties for the crime scene cleaners.  you may also want directions 

Cleaning Jobs in Portland Oregon

Employment opportunity in one of the fastest growing businesses in Portland, please look at the most updated job listings available.  Some visitors are considering a career as death cleanup technicians, and we don’t blame you.  This could be a rewarding career with great benefits.  However, we have job openings and job fairs for brief periods of time.  To better help us get in touch with you about any crime scene cleanup jobs in Portland Oregon, please email us your resume.

Some of you may want more than a job cleaning homes, you may want a crime scene cleanup in Washington.  With our partner the ACT Network you can find out more information on franchise opportunities.


We believe in working with local Portland businesses and try to always find ways to work with businesses listed in the Portland Area Business Alliance in an effort to shop locally to help our community.  It is also important to work with businesses in good standing with the Portland Better Business Bureau.  Beyond this, we encourage all our strategic partners to do everything within the guidelines of the Oregon Environmental Protection Agency.


“We needed a company that could help explain the crime scene cleanup costs for a murder-suicide that took place at our cousin’s house in Portland Oregon.  They were the most helpful and answered every single question even helped with our insurance.”  – Steve

“When we had a burglary the culprit cut himself on glass and bled all over our house in Portland.  This company was fantastic from start to finish as far as a crime scene cleanup company could be.” – Jeff

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