Yonkers New York Facts and Demographics

Yonkers New York is in Westchester County in the Southeastern part of New York along the east shore of the Hudson River.  Currently, with a population of 214,687 residents, Yonkers is the 3rd largest city in New York.  Yonkers New York has an overall crime rate of 13 per 1,000 residents.  The FBI data on crime rates shows that you have a 1 in 77 chance of becoming a victim of a crime in Yonkers New York.  The statistics on the number of violent deaths such as murder/homicide hovers between 2.97  and 3.97 per 100,000 population.  When you have had a violent crime happen at your property in Yonkers NY, or have had a death by suicide or a death by natural causes that leave behind blood and blood-soaked furniture you will want to call our emergency offices in Yonkers New York.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Yonkers NY

Our crime scene cleaners in Yonkers are on call 24 hours a day for any kind of blood cleanup in Yonkers call 1-888-477-0015. We have long been the biohazard cleaning company for any crime scene cleanup in Yonkers, New York. Some residents still do not realize though that we do any kind of blood cleanup in Yonkers. This means you do not need to be the victim of a crime scene.    Professionally we can clean any crime scene but if the home is an active crime scene investigation with crime scene taping off the entry to the home we will have to coordinate with our detective contact at the Yonkers Police Department for entry.

Any suicide cleanup in Yonkers or other biohazard trauma which results in needing blood cleanup is a job for our crime scene cleanup company in Yonkers. The good news is that we also work 24 hours a day. As a 24hr cleaner this means, we can help you at a moment’s notice. To reach our crime scene cleaners in Yonkers simply call us at 1-888-477-0015.

Emergency Cleaning Solutions Available in Yonkers New York

Unattended Death Cleanup Yonkers New York

The aftermath of a death scene can leave behind blood and other human fluids.  This is very common when a person or corpse is not discovered immediately after death.  The dead body will begin to bloat and decompose and leave behind human fluids such as blood and decomposing human tissue.  This creates extreme odors and an unsafe environment that requires skilled biohazard cleaners.  ACT Cleaners can assist residents, property managers, and businesses in Yonkers New York when they require an unattended death cleanup service.

The aftermath of Suicide Cleaning in Yonkers NY

Whenever you contact us for crime scene cleanup in Yonkers you will be greeted by a polite professional staff of cleaners. We treat you like family because our own family has dealt with the same tragedies. ACT Cleaners is a family-owned blood and crime scene cleanup company servicing the entire city of Yonkers New York. 

Our services include any kind of biohazard cleaning including suicide cleanup or unattended death cleanup.  Our cleaners are not only good at cleaning up blood after death, but we are also the best.

Biohazard Blood Cleanup Company in Yonkers NY

Cleaning up blood from the aftermath of a death is what we are known for.  Specialized training and adaptive cleaning practices were created by us over a decade ago to help families needing blood cleanup in Yonkers NY.

If you have ever wondered why people call blood cleanup companies for a death cleanup instead of carpet cleaners in Yonkers, the answer is simple, we work.

Carpet cleaning will usually push the blood further into the surface area, as well as damage the carpet cleaner. We developed our plans for blood cleanup when we first started dealing with crime scene cleanup and for a decade we have perfected the results.


We believe in “keeping it local” by working with businesses listed in the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce.  You also want to work in good standing with the Yonkers Better Business Bureau.  All environmental laws and regulations should be followed as set forth by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.


“They helped us with a murder-suicide at our father’s home in Yonkers, there was a lot of hazmat cleaning needed due to the blood, they helped us understand the crime scene cleanup costs and time needed, the finished job was excellent” – submitted by Roger W.

“They helped us find out the costs for an unattended death cleanup and provided assistance removing the blood-soaked furniture and decontaminating the room our Dad died in at his apartment in Yonkers New York.” – submitted by Karen R.

Crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup and biohazard cleaning
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If you needed crime scene cleanup in Yonkers New York there is a chance you already worked with ACT Cleaners. We are the leaders in blood cleanup and the 24 hour crime scene cleanup company in Yonkers New York. Like many families dealing with the aftermath of a death, we can help with any suicide cleanup in Yonkers as well as any after death cleanup including but not limited to biohazard crime scene cleaning.
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