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Expert Omaha Crime Scene Cleaners & Trauma Cleanup in Omaha Call 1-888-477-0015. We specialize in crime scene cleaning, suicide cleanup, and after death cleanup.

Our locations for 24 hour crime scene cleanup in Omaha and surrounding communities. In our effort to be the #1 biohazard cleaning company in Omaha, we provide crime scene cleaning for any after death situation including suicide. We are the expert crime scene cleanup in Omaha Nebraska call us at 1-888-477-0015 for any murders, suicide, or unattended death cleanup. As a professional cleaning company and a family owned business doing crime scene as well as death cleanup in Omaha, we work hard to help our customers and treat them like family.  We value your business and although we hope most customers only need us once and never again, we treat you like anyone would be treated that wants to earn your business.  We do ask that for any active scenes you make sure you contact the Omaha Police immediately. Our staff is respectful and professionally trained in biohazard cleaning.  With any blood cleanup in Omaha you will need a crime scene technician.  Whether the jobs for a suicide cleanup, unattended death, or genuine homicide.  The biohazard blood cleanup is the primary aspect of any crime scene cleaning and what we focus on.  For over a decade we have helped families, churches, and victim assistant groups just like yours when they have had a death in the family and need death scene cleanup in Omaha Nebraska or crime scene cleanup in Lincoln, and we can help you too, call 1-888-477-0015.

At the onset of a crime scene or accident and even a suicide may be the Omaha Police, but after they leave the blood  still need to be cleaned up.  ACT Cleaners Omaha is your resource for cleaning up after a death.  When someone dies from an assault such as a murder or a wound from a gun shot as in a suicide, there will be a need to cleanup the blood after the death.  After death cleanup is the primary focus of our business.  ACT Cleaners has been the leaders for crime and trauma scene cleanup in Omaha for nearly a decade, and we work hard to try to help suffering families whenever they call on us.

Omaha’s Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scene and Trauma Cleanup Omaha is the biohazard remediation of removing blood and other human fluids that can cause extreme odors and health hazards if not cleaned properly.  As the leaders in crime scene cleanup we ensure that the crime scene cleaners in Omaha sent to your home are well trained and understand how to cleanup blood after a death.  We not only know how to cleanup after a death we also understand how to find where the blood is.  In the case of a shooting there may be blood splatter and in some cases this blood can get in places you would never imagine.  Our crime scene cleaners ensures that blood  is properly decontaminated and disinfected.

Suicide Cleanup Service

In the case of a suicide cleanup in Omaha, we will have to determine where the blood is.  When a gun shot is used there may be blood splatter we will have to account for.  If the suicide was by other means such as a knife the blood may of pooled in one area and we will have to ensure the sub-flooring is not affected.  We understand this is your home in Omaha and will try to have someone to begin cleaning up the blood after the suicide within 1-2 hours.  If you have had a suicide in your family we provide our sincere condolences and would ask that if you have any questions about biohazard cleanup in Omaha that you call us at 1-888-477-0015.

Unattended Death Cleanup Assistance

Whenever a dead person goes more then 1 days before being discovered it will likely begin to decompose. If enough of the corpse decomposes you will have blood and bodily fluids spill onto nearby surfaces. This will make the home a biohazard with the hazardous substance being the blood that will need cleaned up. ACT Cleaners can schedule unattended death cleanup in Omaha the same day you call us. Our staff answers calls 24 hours a day and can schedule estimates and go over any questions about costs.

Death Cleaning Jobs

From the exciting salary of a crime scene cleaner to supervisory management positions. We are excited with the number of people looking for biohazard cleanup jobs in Omaha and Nebraska in general.  Although we could have job listing sometime we ask that you email us your resume for any employment.  There is also a good change you might see us at some job fairs in Omaha and we would notify you what upcoming events we are having.

Another thing we have been called about recently, is some people who would like to start their own crime scene cleanup business in Omaha.  Although we deal with this territory their may be other opportunities you can seek with a after death cleanup in Omaha.

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Crime scene cleaning in Omaha is done 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are the authority in crime scene and trauma scene cleanup in Omaha and work hard to be the experts in after death cleanup you can count on. If you need blood cleanup call us.
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