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ACT Cleaning has been providing families with professional home cleaning services and Crime Scene Cleaup in Silver Spring and the Greater Montgomery County. The process of cleaning a crime scene and dealing with a biohazard incident is quite intricate. It requires professional technology and professional knowledge to properly attend to the problem. Everything from a suicide, unattended death, homicide, chemical spills, or use of a gas agent; we have seen it and we can help you. For Crime Scene Cleanup in Silver Spring MD specific procedure have to be followed to ensure state and local protocol are maintained and buildings are able to be brought back up to code.

When you call us or schedule a call we request a few very important things: First we ask that you do not let untrained cleaners attempt to cleanup the blood. You do not want to have inexperienced people coming into your house or place of business and performing a half-rate job. This often will result in additional costs, additional headaches, and your life will often be interrupted for significantly longer. Please do not let a carpet cleaner come to the home. Second we ask that you do not cover the blood or attempt to wash anything yourself. These things will create a much larger issue. For Crime Scene Cleanup in Silver Spring Maryland and the greater Montgomery County, we will not turn away when others will walk the opposite direction.

Blood is a particularly difficult substance to completely remove. Left unchecked it will bind into the fine grains of flooring and walls. During events where there is blood spills near air ducts or drains require special cleaning and sweeps to ensure that there are no lingering biohazards.

ACT Cleaning | Suicides | Crime Scene Cleanup in Silver Spring MD

In the unfortunate circumstance of a suicide ACT Cleaners has years and years of experience with these tragedies and how to approach these situations with tact. We ask that even though they are a loved one that you do not try and clean any of this up on your own, please treat this situation as any other, a biohazard.

If you think that you are able to work with Crime Scene Cleanup in Silver Spring, please email us your resume. We have positions open up at random times and are always looking.

If you or someone that you know are in need of Crime Scene Cleanup in Silver Spring or other Biohazard Cleaning in the Greater Montgomery County area please call us today at: 1-888-629-1222

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ACT cleaners have professionals with over a decade of experience and are experts in a gamut of cleaning jobs from suicides to chemical spills. We have technicians on call 24/7/365 days a year ready to take your call and schedule you cleanup today.
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