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You need home cleaning in Baton Rouge or New Orleans after a death and this is for crime scene cleanup in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  ACT Cleaners provides crime scene cleanup in Baton Rouge and can handle even the most severe blood cleanup after a death in Baton Rouge.  As a family owned crime scene cleanup company in Baton Rouge we take pride is always being available what someone needs a death cleaned up.  The aftermath of a death scene can be horrific and traumatizing but it is also a biohazard.  Specialized cleaning technicians called crime scene cleaners will deal with cleaning up the blood.  With proper equipment and cleaning protocols we can ensure that the blood is removed as well as the home is sanitized.  It may be your first time calling for a crime scene cleanup in Baton Rouge, and we want to assure you that we will help you every step of the way.  Our crime scene cleaners in Baton Rouge are always respectful of your privacy and caring of the job you have placed in their hand.

With any kind of disaster cleaning we do we are centered around biohazard cleaning such as blood cleanup in Baton Rouge.  However the same biohazards found in blood such as virus and disease can be present with human feces cleanup and vomit.  If you are concerned about any human fluids released after a death, you should contact our crime scene cleanup company in Baton Rouge and have professional cleaners look at it.  You can read our staff 24 hours a day at 1-888-477-0015.

Blood Cleanup in Baton Rouge Louisiana | Biohazard Cleaning

Some customers who contact us for crime scene cleanup or blood cleanup in Baton Rouge are wanting advise on what to do before our cleaners get there.  First, we appreciate the help but we do not recommend using carpet cleaners in Baton Rouge on the infected area.  We also do not suggest trying to put anything over it or pouring water on it.  Saturating the blood can cause it to permeate to sub-flooring and further reaches of the existing contaminated area.  Our crime scene cleaners in Baton Rouge know what they are doing and it is best to just make sure nobody enters the room or disturbs the crime scene or death cleanup area.

Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Want a career as a crime scene cleanup technician?  A rewarding job cleaning up the aftermath of a death may be around the corner for you.  With expanding crime scene cleanup franchises in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, you may be closer then you think.  Let us know what is special about you and write us with a short paragraph introducing yourself, like us on Facebook, and email us your resume.

For some of you who would like home cleaning or crime scene cleanup in New Orleans please request that in your call.

If you have been the victim of a crime you may still need to contact the Baton Rouge Police Department.  Please contact them by going to

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Crime scene cleanup in Baton Rouge is done by dedicated hard working crime scene cleaners. With any Baton Rouge Crime Scene Cleanup we suggest our cleaners for any blood cleanup in Baton Rouge. You can contact us for any biohazard cleaning between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, including suicide cleanup in Baton Rouge and Unattended Death Cleanup and hoarding.
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