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ACT Cleaners is a hazmat cleaner specialized in crime scene cleanup for homes in Des Moines.  ACT Cleaners has been the leading professional hazardous cleaning company in all of Iowa.  With our central location for Des Moines we can respond quickly to anyone who needs blood cleanup from after a death or crime.  This means, for you, that you are able to have your life return to a sense of normalcy faster and allows you to save a significant portion of money. We will bring your house back to normal and your business back up to code fast and allow you to begin again.

ACT Cleaners not only provides crime scene cleanup in Des Moines IA, but we also provide a myriad of other services to you including but not limited to; blood spills, chemical spills, suicides, unattended deaths, tear gas, and general biohazards. There is no job too big or too small for our professionals to handle. With some individuals with over a decade of experience in combination with industry top of the line gear and products we can properly take care of all jobs.

Unattended Death Cleanup for Des Moines

Even though it’s not a crime scene, an unattended death can have many of the same biohazards that need to be cleaned.  An unattended death happens when a person dies and goes over a day without being discovered.  After a few hours a corpse will being to decompose and after a day or two enough of this has happened to cause blood to spill out.  ACT Cleaners specializes in helping homes in Des Moines that have had an unattended death that requires cleaning and decontamination.

Suicide Cleanup Des Moines

Whenever a suicide happens their is a tremendous amount of blood splatter.  The trajectory of the blood and surfaces contaminated with need to be identified and cleaned.  ACT Cleaners can help families who need suicide cleanup at their homes in Des Moines Iowa.  Contact our staff today and discuss decontamination processes and costs.

Experts Crime and Trauma Cleanup

After you have scheduled your cleanup we ask for you to listen to a few rules that are there for your and your homes safety. Please do not touch the body or the biohazard, closing the area off to anyone that could come across it. This is for your safety and to stop any possible contagion from spreading. Also we request that you do not call a maid/carpet cleaning service. Often this will only lead to further damage and additional costs.

Other Cities for Blood Cleanup

If you are in need of Crime Scene Cleanup in Iowa City or Crime Scene Cleanup in Cedar Rapids please contact our professionals at ACT Cleaning for your home cleaning or commercial cleaning needs:

Cleaning Jobs in Des Moines

If you are looking for Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs in Des Moines Iowa please send us your resume and we will be happy to inform you of when the next Des Moines Job Fair will be hosted.  ACT crime scene cleanup wants your skill and will help you become part of our team.  We asks that you simply click on careers and email us your resume.  It is imoprtant that our phone lines are open for just crime scene cleanup calls.  You may also want to bookmark this page and visit often as we plan to post any job listings for Des Moines here.

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