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Providing Crime Scene Cleanup and Biohazard Cleaning in Ames Iowa and the greater Story County | Call 1-888-629-1222

ACT Cleaning has been servicing the area of Ames and the Greater Story County for over a decade in both professional home cleaning and Crime Scene Cleanup in Ames Iowa. Located on site in Iowa we have certified technicians available now to take your call and schedule your cleaning. We are able to schedule most cleanup jobs within 24hrs of you contacting our professionals. This allows you to return your life back to normal or allow your business to be brought back up to code.

Here at ACT Cleaning we provide more than just Crime Scene Cleanup services but we also provide a myriad of other services such as; blood spills, accidental death, unattended deaths, tear gas, chemical spills, or general biohazards. All of these provide a certain level of danger and because of this we ask you to follow a few specific rules. First please do not touch the body or enter the area where the incident occurred. Contagion is serious and please do not put yourself or others at risk. Second we ask you not to call a maid service, carpet cleaner, or attempt to remedy yourself. This will only cause further damage and prove to be a greater expense than prior.

If you are in need of Crime Scene Cleanup in Des Moines or Crime Scene Cleanup in Iowa City please contact our professionals at ACT Cleaning for your home cleaning or commercial cleaning needs: 1-888-629-1222.

If you are on the search for a new career path or looking to start a career in Crime Scene Cleanup please send us your resume and we will be in contact with you. We will inform you when we will be hosting our next job fair in the Ames or the Greater Story County.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Ames Iowa

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ACT Cleaning provides around the clock year round professional home cleaning services and Crime Scene Cleanup in Ames Iowa. With certified technicians on call now we are able to schedule most cleaning jobs within 24hrs of your call, allowing your home or business to get back to how it looked before.
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