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Experts for crime and trauma scene cleaning in Savannah GA call 1-888-477-0015.  We do crime scene, suicide & unattended death cleanup 24 hours a day

Our cleaners are blood borne pathogen certified and OSHA compliant for crime scene cleanup in Savannah GA. Everything from accidental death, suicide, blood spills, chemical spills and most other general biohazards. Blood is not an easy substance to clean up. It binds with most materials that it touches instantly contaminating it with possible dangerous contagion. Our professionals, unlike maids or carpet cleaners, are equipped with the most up to date technology and safety equipment. Our technicians will be sure to return your home or business back to normal and most importantly ensuring that it is safe for all others.  With our certified work with blood borne pathogen and disease prevention we are licensed to deal with any crime scene released by the Savannah Georgia Police Department.  We go into crime scenes and after death situation that are very dangerous for the untrained cleaners.  Do not attempt to try to clean a crime scene yourself.  It is extremely harmful to deal with the chemicals and other cleaning materials needed to properly clean.  As the leading company for crime scene cleanup in Savannah Georgia we can help where others can not.

Being considered the #1 crime scene cleaners in Savannah Georgia is a honor and many of our customers have given us high praise.  Our goal at ACT  is to be there for you at your time of need after any after death or accident. At the start of operation we set off to be the leaders in Biohazard Cleaning and crime scene cleanup in Savannah and throughout Georgia.  It is important to make sure that all cleanup is done correctly and keeping safety in mind.  When you call us you get some of the most well trained crime scene cleaners in Savannah GA with extensive experience doing blood cleanup after a death.

Blood Cleanup Services Savannah GA

A blood cleanup job we do usually is done the same day.  Each kind of job requiring blood cleanup in Savannah Georgia is different.  A suicide cleanup will vary to degree and severity as will a dead body needing cleaning that has began to decompose.  It is important to make the the cleaning is done right the first time as well.  We always keep in mind when doing any cleaning that this is your home and you want to return to it as soon as possible.  Contact our blood cleanup company in Savannah for 24 hour answers to your questions at 1-888-477-0015.

Unattended Death Cleanup  Service Savannah GA

As the leading hazmat cleaners we specialize in after death cleaning.  When a person dies and is undiscovered it is classified as a unattended death.  When this happens a dead body will decompose and release blood and other human fluids onto the nearby surfaces.  When this happens the aftermath of the scene will be much like a crime scene.  It will require unattended death cleanup services we are licensed for in Savanah Georgia.  If you need a unattended death cleaned up, please call our 24 hour hazmat cleaners before more damage happens.

Aftermath of Suicide Cleaning Services

Suicide statistics continue to increase in Savanah Georgia.  Due to this more people in the area are in need of our suicide cleanup assistance in Savanah GA.  A suicide is not a crime scene but the aftermath is very similar.  This means our crime scene cleaners are more then equipped to help.  We offer 24 hour suicide cleanup throughout the area.

Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs Savanah GA

Job listings in Savannah Georgia are updated daily.  If you see a job posting for a trauma cleaner or supervisor position simply click on it and submit your resume.  We suggested bookmarking our site and following us on twitter for any job updates.  If you are interested in a job as a crime scene cleaner or a technician, please come here often to see if any jobs have been posted.  Hiring questions are answered by email.

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Crime scene cleanup in Savannah Georgia we do the cleaning up after a crime scene or death. If you have a death and need blood cleanup in Savannah Georgia we can help you where others fail. Let us be the cleaning company you can count on. We have done everything from suicide cleanup to tear gas cleanup and are confident our crime scene cleaners in Savannah can help you.
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