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As the leaders in crime scene cleanup in Pembroke Pines, we work hard to assist you with blood cleanup.  After a death the human debris left behind is a biohazard.  You will need experts in crime scene cleaning to help remove this blood and decontaminate the property.  ACT Cleaners is well known in Pembroke Pines as the professional crime scene cleanup company for anything related to a death cleanup.  Although we are known for cleaning crime scenes, we also do suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup.  Essentially anytime there is blood at the home, we are the cleaning company to call.

With over a decade of being the crime scene cleanup business in Pembroke Pines we are well known for doing high quality work.  By being in Broward County we can also provide fast assistance with blood cleanup in Ft Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida.  Call us today to have a review or your cleaning needs.  We recommend that while you are waiting for one of our crime scene cleaners in Pembroke Pines to arrive you should leave the crime scene alone.  Please do not attempt to use a carpet cleaner on the property or blood stains.  ACT Cleaners can begin any crime scene, suicide or unattended death cleanup the same day you call.  In some murder investigations we may coordinate with the investigating offices with the Pembroke Pines Police.

Biohazard Cleaning Pembroke Pines Florida

We are the leading crime scene cleaners but our specialty is biohazard cleanup in Pembroke Pines Florida.  When you contact us for any blood cleanup we can help 24-hours a day.  Our team of hazmat trained cleaners know how to clean and remove the biohazard waste from the aftermath of a crime scene, trauma, or death.  This blood and decomposed dead body tissue needs professional attention.  ACT Cleaners can help you when other cleaning companies are not equipped for the hazardous cleaning.

Unattended Death Cleanup in Pembroke Pines FL

Wen a dead body goes undiscovered we call it a unattended death.  The aftermath of a unattended death is much like a crime scene.  The dead body will decompose when it is left unattended.  When this happens the blood and bodily fluids will release onto the nearby surfaces.  This will require unattended death cleanup services in Pembroke Pines Fl.  We also suggest you do not try to put soap and water on the blood spill. These valid attempts to help us will often times make the blood stain spread to more surface area.  Remember the blood is dangerous and may contain viruses and bacteria that can cause illness to you. If you are looking for crime scene cleanup jobs you may email us your resume.  Employment as a crime scene cleaner in Florida is available at various times of the year.  We often times will require that you will be willing to travel to nearby cities for Environmental Cleaning Services in Ft Lauderdale.

Suicide Scene Cleanup Pembroke Pines FL

The suicide rates are increasing in Pembroke Pines and due to this many people need assistance.  We provide you with suicide cleanup assistance in Pembroke Pines FL.  Even though a suicide is not a crime scene, the aftermath of the scene is very similar.  If you have had a suicide at your home you should contact our trauma cleaners.  ACT Cleaners of Pembroke Pines is open 24 hours to provide you with the highest quality crime scene cleanup.

Resources & Victim Assistance

When working with companies that are members of the Florida Better Business Bureau you gain confidence.  Our cleaners comply with all Florida Environmental Protection Laws as well as Florida Health Department.  You can learn more about some of our business neighbors at the Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce visitation.


“We never thought we would need to hire a someone for a suicide that needed cleanup at our home but here we are.  This was the only company we called that was helpful with the crime scene cleanup costs and other questions we had before we proceeded with the process.  We will highly recommend them as a crime scene cleanup company to anyone in need although it is our hope you never need this kind of work.” submitted by – William “Carl” T

“Had to get help for my mother’s home in Pembroke Pines Florida where she died, unfortunately we were out of town when it happened and she was considered an unattended death.  The cleaning process is very professional and we found everyone caring and the costs were offset by her homeowner insurance.” submitted by – Steve

“Worked. Fantastic service” submitted by- Lunn

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Crime scene cleaning in Pembroke Pines is the job of dedicated crime scene cleaners. A crime scene cleaner will provide professional crime scene cleanup in Pembroke Pines and assist with cleaning up blood after a death.
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