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The scene of a crime such as a murder or homicide once cleared by the Miami Beach Police will often next have to have a crime scene cleanup in Miami Beach.  A crime scene is usually a place where blood, fingerprint dust, and even tear gas can be found.  To deal with these matters people require specified training which our crime scene cleaners in Miami Beach certainly have.  We have been doing crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup in Miami Beach for over 10 years.  A long-standing reputation for helping families repair the damage caused by the crime.  Most of the time this is blood cleanup but many times we are doing fingerprint dust cleanup and even tear gas cleanup in Miami Beach and some surrounding cities in Florida.

A few recommendations we have before you have us come to your home for crime scene cleaning if you live in Miami Beach.  First, please do not use a carpet cleaner on the blood stains.  This usually spreads blood and causes even more damage.  Secondly the same goes for water and any cleaning product.  Just don’t do it.  We know what we are doing and it is best to have our crime scene cleaners come first to evaluate the property.  Crime scene cleanup in Miami Beach is open 24 hours, so please call us anytime.

Blood cleanup | Suicide Cleanup in Miami Beach Florida

Not are scenes we clean are crime scenes.  Many people call on us to help with a suicide cleanup in Miami Beach FL.  A suicide can have a gunshot wound just like a crime scene, and it requires blood cleanup.  Whatever the reason for the death, if blood is present or other human fluids are, you can be assured we can and will help you.  Crime scene cleaning is a task we do well, and we do it 7 days a week even on holidays.

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