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We are the experts for crime scene cleanup in Melbourne FL.  In Melbourne Florida, our crime scene cleaners are highly qualified to assist in cleaning up a death or crime scene. Some of the elements found at a crime scene will be fingerprint dust, tear gas, tape, and blood. Blood and fingerprint dust are primary concerns for crime scene cleanup in Melbourne. Blood in particular can be dangerous and contains pathogens and other hazards.  With any hazardous cleaning, we use only bloodborne pathogen-trained and certified crime & trauma cleaners.  These crime scene cleaners are licensed to clean any crime scenes released by the Melbourne Police Department that we can clean.

  • You will want to contact our offices for crime scene cleanup in Melbourne Florida, but we are available and willing to work 24 hours a day
  • Although we do a lot of crime scene cleanup in Melbourne Florida we are not always called in on a homicide or murder
  • Many families contact us for a suicide cleanup in Melbourne and even we get calls for an unattended death cleanup. Blood is the primary thing we clean up but we also clean up fingerprint dust and tear gas cleanup
  • Be aware that a suicide cleanup can sometimes be even more difficult than a traditional crime scene cleanup
  • Regardless of how someone died, we will help you clean up after the death

We are not carpet cleaners with cheap water extraction tools, in fact, this can even lead to more damage.  We will provide full remediation of the property and deal with all the hazards from the blood. As a family-owned business, we understand the need for these hazards to be cleaned as soon as possible so the family can return to the home where the murder, homicide, or death occurred.

Emergency Cleaning Services are Available in Melbourne FL

Biohazard Cleaning Melbourne Florida

We are available for any blood cleanup that results from trauma or death that has left blood or human waste on furniture or surfaces in a home or business in Melbourne Florida.  The blood and human fluids are the primary biohazards and it has to be cleaned using our proprietary methods for biohazard cleanup.  If you feel you could benefit from our biohazard cleaning please contact our Melbourne Florida office today to schedule an evaluation of your hazards and determine the effective mode to clean them.

Suicide Cleanup Melbourne FL

ACT Cleaners and our partners understand that suicide is a very traumatic loss of life.  It is hard to think about biohazard cleaning while you are mourning a loss of life.  ACT Cleaners can provide you with solutions for suicide cleanup in Melbourne Florida that are cost-effective and fast.  Contact our staff today to discuss an estimate and discuss any insurance options available.  We are open 24 hours and can schedule cleaning in the evenings if needed.

Unattended Death Cleanup Melbourne FL

If a dead body is not discovered for 1-3 days it will begin to decompose.  When a corpse decomposes it will leave biohazards such as blood and human debris on nearby surfaces.  ACT Cleaners provides professional hazmat cleaning for this material.  Our cost-effective solutions for unattended death cleanup in Melbourne Florida are available 24 hours.

Blood Cleanup Melbourne FL 

Cleaning up blood after death requires specialized skills for safety purposes. In addition to cleaning up blood, the local rules involved in blood cleanup in Melbourne Florida, and other State of Florida guidelines for disposal must be followed.  We are not some run-of-the-mill carpet cleaners in Melbourne but have specialists in cleaning up blood after a death called crime scene cleaners. The job of crime scene cleanup technicians in Melbourne FL is to understand these rules and have a disciplined plan of action on how to safely clean up blood after a death or crime scene. In addition to cleaning up after a death, we also can clean up fingerprint dust and we do tear gas cleanup in Melbourne.


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The scene of a crime will have blood and fingerprint dust which is the job for crime scene cleanup Melbourne to handle. We are Melbourne Florida's premier crime scene cleaners who handle cleaning up blood after a death or suicide.
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