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After crime & death cleaning services in Ft Lauderdale Florida are available 24 hours a day.  Licensed crime scene & trauma cleaners do biohazard blood cleanup services call 1-888-477-0015.

ACT Cleaners are experts for crime scene cleanup in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  As a family owned business operating in Fort Lauderdale for years we have become the communities go to crime scene and after death cleanup services. We will give you the best foot forward and will help you where other companies will turn you away. We have professionals available 24/7 to take your call and schedule you cleanup. Most people are able to have a cleaner on site within the first 24hrs in order to return your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. Everything from blood to chemical spills our experts have seen it all and are the best suited to properly handle these safety concerns. The remains from a suicide or a violent crime are hazardous and need to be handled with caution by professionals. Regular cleaners will serve nothing other than removing the danger that you can see, but there will be dangerous material left behind.

No matter what the disaster we’ve got you covered.  Crime scene cleanup in Ft Lauderdale is a 24 hour service, allowing us to always be able to answer your calls and get cleaning to begin right away.

Biohazard Cleanup Ft. Lauderdale Florida

ACT Cleaners is often contact by the Ft Lauderdale Police for a crime scene or kind of trauma cleanup task, we also do biohazard cleaning like suicide cleanup, blood scene cleanup or unattended death cleanup.  Essentially whenever blood needs to be cleaned, we are the company to call on.  Our Crime scene cleaners in Fort Lauderdale will come to your home and remove any of the hazardous materials and sanitizing the home.  It is important to work with certified crime scene cleaners to ensure that safety and compliance is the number one focus.

Unattended Death Cleaning Services

If a dead person is not discovered in a reasonable amount of time is will be classified as a unattended death.  ACT Cleaners of Ft Lauderdale is able to assist families with after death cleaning.  When you need a unattended death cleanup in Ft Lauderdale Florida we can help.  With our after death cleaning services you can access blood cleanup assistance as well as a full line of decontamination processes with licensed professionals.

Suicide Cleanup Services

Although a suicide is not a crime scene, it will have a lot of similarities.  We provide suicide cleanup assistance in Fort Lauderdale Florida with 24 hour coverage.  This means if you have other family members residing in the same home as the suicide, we can clean the room before odors effect the other rooms.  A suicide cleanup should only be done by licensed and certified hazmat cleaners.  Contact our offices for Fort Lauderdale today to discuss scheduling a time we can meet at the property to evaluate the scene.

Cleaning Jobs Ft. Lauderdale FL

Our career center is now open and looking for applications for employment in crime scene cleanup.  Come to our job fair in Ft Lauderdale or email us today.  Some people are also looking for crime scene cleanup jobs in Florida and Ft Lauderdale.  Any job postings you are applying for should be emailed in and we reply when employment is available.  You may also email in regards to salary for a crime scene cleanup technician in Fort Lauderdale.

Crime Scene Cleanup Franchises

Have you ever though about starting your own crime scene cleanup business.  Would you want to open another crime scene cleanup company in Fort Lauderdale Florida?  We have had a lot of requests from people wanting to open a crime scene cleanup franchise in Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, and Tampa.  We think we have some solutions for you.  Please email us or visit the crime scene cleanup franchises in Florida information page.

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