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Experts for Pompano Beach Crime Scene Cleanup & Trauma Cleaning call 1-888-477-0015.  We do crime scene, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup in Pompano Beach

We continue to be the leading experts for crime scene cleanup in Pompano Beach FL.  With our bloodborne pathogen training our crime scene and trauma cleaners are equipped for any biohazard.  Let us help you when you have a death scene that needs cleaned.  Whether it is a crime scene, suicide cleanup, or unattended death; we have the solutions for your cleaning needs.

Although ACT Cleaning started out providing professional-level crime scene cleanup in Pompano Beach Florida, in our time here, we have come to introduce a plethora of other services into the packages we provide. As we have evolved ACT professionals now help with all general biohazards. Working closely with the families and companies of Pompano Beach ACT has become trusted professional in the industry. With technicians on call 24/7, we are able to schedule most jobs within 24 hours of your call, helping you return your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Services able to be Trained by Certified Professionals:

After Death Cleanup Services

Carpet cleaners, maids, and Janitors in Pompano Beach do not have the skills or equipment needed to clean blood from a room. The aftermath of a death scene will require biohazard cleaning and skilled crime scene cleaners in Pompano Beach Florida.  The blood and corpse remains have contagions that can cause disease to grow and spread. Our technicians go through extensive training and time-tested techniques to ensure proper biohazard cleanup. Blood can be a tricky substance to remove once it seeps into foundations, but the technology our team possesses is able to mitigate most damages.

Suicide Cleanup Services

Suicide statistics are on the rise in Pompano Beach.  To assist people in the area we provide suicide cleanup assistance in Pompano Beach FL.  If you have had a suicide at your home you will need to have biohazard cleaning.  Although suicide is not a crime scene the aftermath of a suicide is still hazardous.  The blood has to be cleaned from the room and then the surfaces will need to be sanitized.  We can help, call our crime scene cleaners in Pompano Beach to get more information.

Unattended Death Cleanup Services

When a dead person goes 1-3 days without being discovered the corpse will begin to decompose.  This is then labeled an unattended death.  If you have had a family member die unattended you may of been surprised to find out that the home was affected.  Usually, there will be a large amount of blood and bodily fluids that will need to be cleaned and decontaminated.  ACT Cleaners provides assistance for residents in Pompano Beach Florida who need unattended death cleanup.  Contact our office today to discuss scheduling and costs.

Death Cleaning Jobs Pompano Beach

If you’re considering a career in crime scene cleaning and trauma cleanup, we suggest you educate yourself with our blog and crime scene cleanup industry newsletter.  It’s a tough job but can be rewarding.  We are updating our system to automatically post jobs when available below so if there are none available below please check back later.  Be sure to be certified in biohazard remediation prior to applying.

Resource Center

We really feel that we need do business with other local businesses and utilize the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce as a valued resource.  It is also important to make sure you work with businesses that have good standing in the Pompano Beach Better Business Bureau.  We also encourage all our strategic partners to be compliant with the Pompano Beach Environmental and Transportation Laws.


“This company helped us understand the crime scene cleanup costs as well as who in our family had the responsibility to pay for our brother’s house in Pompano Beach” – Richard

Mission Statement

It is our mission to help every family we come in contact with near our offices in Pompano Beach Florida.  We want to be the service you can count on for any crime scenes, suicide, or unattended death cleanup at homes near Pompano Beach FL.

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