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In the aftermath of a traumatic incident, the importance of a swift and secure cleanup cannot be overstated. At ACT Cleaners, we provide comprehensive crime scene cleanup and biohazard scene cleaning services to the San Bernardino, California community. Our goal is to relieve families and property owners of the burden of cleaning after events such as homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. By doing so, we help to mitigate the psychological and hazardous dangers impact of a biohazard scene and facilitate a necessary step in the recovery process.

We understand the sensitive nature of these situations and the urgency required. Therefore, our company connects clients with licensed and certified technicians who possess the necessary expertise in biohazard remediation. Our extensive network ensures that we can quickly locate and dispatch the right professionals to handle the cleaning and remediation with due care and effectiveness, allowing us to address the unique needs of each scenario.

Specializing in the removal and lawful disposal of biohazardous materials, the technicians we work with are equipped to manage all aspects of biohazard scene cleaning. This includes the critical tasks of blood cleanup and bodily fluid remediation, which are typically encountered in cases of unattended death, suicide, and homicide. Our focus on utilizing industry-leading practices ensures that every scene is handled in a manner that adheres to strict health and safety standards.

Understanding Crime Scene Cleanup

In the San Bernardino area, our team at ACT Cleaners specializes in managing the aftermath of traumatic events. Our focus is on the secure and thorough cleaning of crime and biohazard scenes.

Types of Crime and Biohazard Scenes

Our network of professionals is adept at handling a variety of challenging scenarios:

  • Unattended Death Cleanup: We address situations where a body has not been discovered for a period of time, leading to significant biohazard concerns.
  • Suicide Cleanup: Our specialists are sensitive to the nature of these scenes, ensuring respectful and discreet remediation operations.
  • Homicide Scene Cleanup: These events often involve large amounts of blood and require strict adherence to legal and health guidelines during cleanup.
  • Biohazards and Blood Cleanup: We attend to locations with bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and other biohazards, utilizing industry-leading techniques to ensure safety and cleanliness.

Health Risks and Safety Protocols

The presence of blood, bodily fluids, viruses, and other pathogens at a crime scene can pose severe health risks. We uphold the highest standards:

  • All our technicians wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including hazmat suits, gloves, and masks to mitigate danger.
  • We strictly follow OSHA and EPA guidelines to protect our workers and the public from potential disease or viral infections.

Choosing a Professional Cleanup Service

When faced with the complex and sensitive task of cleaning up a crime or biohazard scene, selecting the right professionals is crucial for ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind.

Services Provided and Areas Served

Our range of services encompasses crime scene clean up, trauma cleanup services, unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, homicide scene cleanup, and comprehensive biohazard cleaning. We, at ACT Cleaners, serve areas throughout San Bernardino County, including Redlands, Rialto, and Rancho Cucamonga. Our network of experienced professionals is ready to respond 24/7 to any biohazard challenge with the necessary knowledge and care.

  • Crime Scene Cleanup: We handle sensitive cleaning needs with precision and care, ensuring all biohazards are thoroughly addressed.
  • Trauma Cleanup Services: Our specialists are equipped to manage the aftermath of accidents with attention to detail and safety.
  • Unattended Death Cleanup: We address the physical remnants of unattended deaths, prioritizing a careful and comprehensive approach.
  • Suicide Cleanup: Trained to handle these delicate situations, we provide respectful and thorough cleaning services after such tragic events.
  • Homicide Scene Cleanup: Our team methodically cleans areas affected by a homicide to ensure the space is safe for future use.
  • Biohazards and Blood Cleanup: Specialists tackle blood and bodily fluids, focusing on returning areas affected by accidents or death back to a clean and safe state.

Compassionate and Discreet Assistance

Understanding the emotional nature of our work, we maintain a compassionate and discreet approach during every assignment. We are sensitive to the needs of those affected and strive to perform our duties with the utmost respect and minimal intrusion.

Local Resources

A number of great resources are available locally in San Bernardino for grieving families dealing with a death.  These range from suicide counselors to funeral directors that you may find useful if you have just had a death at your property.  We always suggest trying local businesses listed with the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce.

Phoenix Community Counseling
820 E Gilbert St, San Bernardino, CA 92415

The Counseling Team International
1881 Business Center Dr S 11 & 12, San Bernardino, CA 92408

CSUB Community Counseling Center
5500 University Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407

Mark B. Shaw Funeral Directors
1525 N Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404

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