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In the wake of a traumatic event, the aftermath can leave a scene that requires professional attention. At ACT Cleaners, we understand the delicate nature of crime scene and biohazard cleanup in Moreno Valley, California. With a team of certified professionals, our network provides comprehensive cleaning services to manage the physical reminders of a crime scene, unattended death, suicide, or other biohazard situations with diligence and respect for those affected.

Our clients in Moreno Valley receive prompt and reliable service from our network of trained technicians. These experts are equipped to handle the complexities of biohazard cleaning, including the removal and safe disposal of blood and bodily fluids that pose health risks. Whether responding to a homicide scene, an unattended death, or the site of a tragic suicide, our network is prepared to address these sensitive situations, always focusing on safety and compliance with California state regulations.

Connecting with ACT Cleaners affords access to an exclusive network of licensed trauma cleanup technicians and biohazard remediation professionals. We place great importance on ensuring that the services provided meet the highest standards, serving the needs of our community when they are most vulnerable. Our professionals specialize in returning the affected areas to a clean and respectful condition, allowing for the healing process to begin for all those involved.

Comprehensive Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup Services

Crime scene and trauma cleanup is a critical service we offer to ensure safe, efficient, and compassionate remediation following unfortunate events. In Moreno Valley, CA, we prioritize health and safety at every stage of the restoration process.

Scope of Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup encompasses a wide range of situations, including but not limited to homicide scenes, suicide cleanup, accident scenes, and unattended death cleanup. We provide thorough sanitization and removal of any potential hazards such as blood and bodily fluids, which present risks of infection and disease.

Protocols and Safety Measures

Our adherence to strict safety protocols ensures the health of our clients and technicians. The biohazard remediation experts in our network comply with all OSHA regulations and utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens. Biohazard cleaners are specially trained to manage the aftermath with professional disinfection and disposal techniques.

Processing the Scene: From Blood to Biohazards

We carefully process every scene, focusing on blood cleanup and the sanitization of other biohazards. Our approach includes:

  • Identifying all affected areas
  • Documenting evidence for crime scene investigations, when necessary, in coordination with local police
  • Using specialized equipment to clean and disinfect all surfaces
  • Ensuring lawful disposal of biohazardous materials

Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended deaths often involve undetected periods of time, increasing the complexity of cleanup due to decomposition. Our team handles such scenarios with attention to detail and deep cleanliness, to manage any potential health risks. You can request a free consultation 24 hours a day about our unattended death cleanup services available in Moreno Valley.

Suicide Cleanup

In the aftermath of a suicide, a compassionate approach paired with robust cleaning processes is paramount. We carefully address the scene to respect the emotional state of the victim’s loved ones while ensuring comprehensive biohazard remediation. Call in and let an expert help you better understand what has to be done to clean a home where a suicide occurred.

Homicide Scene Cleanup

Our homicide cleanup services involve close coordination with emergency services to respect the ongoing investigation while cleaning the affected area. The focus remains on eliminating health risks through complete blood and biohazard remediation.

Biohazards and Blood Cleanup

In the case of any biohazard or blood spill, our team ensures that all surfaces are returned to a clean state, as biohazards pose serious health risks. Our certified technicians employ the best practices in biohazard cleaning to uphold health and safety standards.

24-Hour Customer Service and Responders

At ACT Cleaners, we understand that incidents requiring biohazard cleanup can occur at any time. That’s why our customer service operates around the clock, ready to connect you with professional responders. We’re here to assist 24/7, ensuring that you have immediate access to our crew for urgent situations.


ACT Cleaners of Moreno Valley believes in “keeping it local” a local program designed to do business with other local companies and services.  This means trying to work with business listed with the Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce.  It is also important to understand that some of our customers are grieving.  So we have included the below resources that may be beneficial.

Grand Quality Counseling Group
13800 Heacock St c230, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

Miller-Jones Mortuary & Crematory, Moreno Valley
23618 Sunnymead Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

Moreno Valley Police Department
22850 Calle San Juan De Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

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