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Expert crime scene cleaners for trauma scene cleaning in Irvine call 1-888-477-0015.  We specialize in certified crime scene, suicide, and death cleanup in Irvine California

As the leading expert in crime scene cleanup in Irvine California, we are trained to help clean any crime scenes.  Our staff is dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors after a death.  If you experienced a crime scene or have had a death at your home you need our trauma cleaners.  Blood borne pathogen certified and trained, we know how to clean crime scenes, suicide scenes, and unattended death.  With our certified professionals we are qualified to clean any crime scene released by the Irvine Police Department after a homicide or murder.

Professional crime scene cleaning Irvine California, we believe in doing the job right the first time.  When someone dies in a traumatic way, there is usually blood left at the crime or death scene.  It is important to not disturb the crime scene.  Many times when someone tries to clean a crime scene their self they can cause more problems.  We know that you are trying to help but it is important to leave biohazard cleaning to the professionals.

When death comes, it is unexpected and crime scene and trauma cleaners in Irvine California is there for you when you need it most in Irvine CA.  It is important to understand a few facts about blood left over in a house and how specialized cleaners can help you remove the blood and how it poses dangers to you.  Blood even from a loved family member may be contaminated with bacteria and viruses that you are not aware of.  We suggest that at the time of discovering a dead body, you do not try to move anything or attempt to perform the cleanup yourself.  By cleaning up blood with let’s say a mop and a bucket of soap, you are most likely going to simply spread the blood into more crevices and cause further contamination, and work to be done by the ACT Crime Scene Cleanup teams in Irvine CA.

Unattended Death Cleanup Service

When a person dies and goes undiscovered it is often labeled a unattended death.  With a unattended death the aftermath of the scene will be much like a crime scene.  A dead body will decompose when it goes undiscovered for a short period of time.  After the corpse decomposes the body fluids will release onto the nearby surfaces which will need to be cleaned and sanitized.

Aftermath of Suicide Cleaning Solutions

We are continuing to see suicide rates continue to increase in Irvine California.  This has caused a increase need in our suicide cleanup assistance in Irvine California.  If you have had a suicide at your home you may need our hazmat cleaners.  Our professional crime scene and trauma cleaners are trained to know how to clean and sterilize homes that have had a suicide in them.

Death Cleaning Jobs in Irvine CA

Although we are a small family owned business we are always interested in people wanting to join our company.  If you are looking for crime scene cleanup in Irvine California, and you are interested in working with families in need of cleaning services for hazardous things like blood cleanup, we would love to hear from you.  Please do not call our phone lines, simply email us your information and one of our jobs coordinators will get back with you.  You may also be interested in our trauma cleanup jobs in San Francisco and crime scene cleaners in Los Angeles.

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It is important to us to be a good business in good standing with Better Business Bureau as well as compliance with any and all Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to this it is important to ensure that you work with environmental cleaning companies that have the correctly complied with California Department of Licensing.


We couldn’t get other companies to explain the crime scene cleanup costs in Irvine and were pleased to get in touch with such amazing people. Very helpful and courteous and helped our friends family – Lynn S.

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We provide support for crime scene cleanup in Irvine California. ACT has a long history of giving support to families who need crime scene cleaning and have a need for help. Whenever a person uses crime scene cleanup in Irvine you will want to use you services which you can reach at 1.888.629.1222.
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