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Eugene Oregon Crime Rates: Population Statistics

The Eugene Oregon Police Department has released new crime statistics for the city. It reports that violent crimes and property crimes are on the decline, with an overall decrease in total crime rates. The population of Eugene is also projected to increase by 2021, which will only help to further decrease crime rates as a result of increased police protection.

Eugene Oregon sits with a population of 169,710 and a total crime rate of 111.94 per thousand people. Eugene Oregon is one the safest cities in America according to 2017 FBI data on violent crimes committed and property crimes reported by law enforcement agencies across the country which includes murder rates for each city as well as robbery rates, burglaries, larceny-theft rates and motor vehicle theft.

What do we do to reduce crime rates?

– Be aware of your surroundings

– Avoid unfamiliar areas or people who make you feel unsafe

– Trust your instincts and intuition; if something feels wrong, it probably is. If someone seems suspicious, keep an eye on them from a safe distance until they leave the area. Report any crime to law enforcement immediately by calling 911 especially in an emergency.

-Lock you car when left unattended

-Lock your windows and doors at home even when you are home or not.

-When walking at night make sure you are with someone else and travel in areas with a lot of eyes nearby.

Many crimes are preventative by making sure communities are formed within the city. This is done most effectively by after school programs, intermural sports, and creating ways for youth to be involved in the community they live in. Help organize or get involved in organizations that want to clean parks, and paint murals in approved area, or become a tutor for at risk youth.

When a crime is committed we now have a after crime cleaning business in Eugene Oregon. Founded by two brothers you can access their crime scene cleanup whenever there has been a break-in or murder scene, or suicide, at a home in Eugene Oregon. You can also find some other their regional offices here.


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