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Tucson Crime Rates and Growing Population

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the nation, and Tucson is no exception. However, as population increases so does crime rates within this city. In fact, Tucson’s crime rate for 2020 was reported to be at 4 per 1,000 people which ranked it as a 5th most dangerous city in Arizona and moving up nationwide. So what can Tucson do to combat these high rates? We will explore that question below in todays blog.

First of all, Tucson has to find a way to reduce the amount of crime and violence within the city. As shown in our Crime Prevention section below, there are many ways that Tucson can do this like implementing programs for high-risk youths at schools as well as improve policing efforts by hiring more officers.

Second, they have to increase afterschool programs and community programs for Tucson kids. In order to preserve the youth and families of Tucson, they need to be able to have something productive to do with their time so that it doesn’t turn them into a victim of crime or violence.

Third, it is important to help homeowners and renters invest in their property. This will help make the neighborhood safer and reduce crime rates as well since people are now investing in an area that is getting better with time, not worse.

The Tucson Police Department has seen a rise in violence within the city which this can be tied to a variance of factors which include the drug trade and gang violence. Tucson is leaning on a variety of programs to help keep the youth safe, but not only for those who are at risk for committing crimes as well. Many communities are providing new programs to study educating young adults and what addiction looks like. By understanding what happens to long term addicts it can prevent the desire to get involved with drug dealers or peers who have turned to users.

Finally, we recommend some new proposals and thinking outside the box. From mental health awareness programs to neighborhood watch programs can help turn Tucson into the great city we all know it can be. One new company in town is now proving the after care for cleaning homes that have had a crime in them. You can find out more about Tucson’s crime scene cleanup here.

The reason Arizona set up crime scene cleanup is due to the number of crime scenes, suicide’s, and other related events happening in 2021.


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