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What occurs after the police leave a crime scene?

Have you ever wondered what happens after the police leave a crime scene just like a murder? We chose to dive into the very interesting world of after death cleanup and the trauma cleaners that do so odd occupation. To begin we chose to send a few of our writers on a drive together with a group of crime scene cleaners to see what happens in the day and life of a crime scene cleaner.

On an unusually hot day in November 2020 we started our day by visiting a little shop on the outskirts of town that had several large garage doors at front. It resembled what you would imagine when you first watched Ghostbusters as a youngster, but with a couple additional garage doors. Inside was a receptionist who had been awaiting our arrival. She said the men were in back and were waiting for us, so we proceeded to accompany her. One then asked me if I had ever seen a dead person before or been about the smell of death? I thought about it and said , that made them chuckle. It seems I was what they would call a”noob” and a bit wet behind the ears. So another one got out a mask using a ventilation system on and explained to me how to make use of it. He made sure I knew I would have to wear it at all times or I would vomit over the odor.

We obtained in a Mercedes Zipper and took off for a suicide which had only called in. The suicide was a gun shot suicide and one room was effected in line with the caller. This was all these men knew when departing. When we arrived about 30 minutes later, we discovered that this was a murder suicide. The person was a family member who’d killed his wife and then shot himself. What started with a single room changed turned into a home with two death’s inside. The scene was intense, with blood everywhere. It was truly worse then we could have imagined and it was harmful because one of those individuals who was dead had Covid-19. The crime scene cleaners were not worried however , they wore protective garments. Head to toe they had hazmat suits on and were all about safety first and cleaning second.

Particular equipment was brought out and they started removing any items that couldn’t be salvaged. Reinforcements were called in since this was a considerably larger job then expected, they understood they needed more crime scene cleaners. After several hours of cleaning and removing they were eventually ready to sanitize the property. This is a procedure designed to purge the house because of infectious disease. After finished a relative walked through the property with them, and was very thankful for all of the help.


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