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Why Crime Scene Cleanup is An Essential Business

The first crime scene cleanup business started during the AIDS pandemic almost 30 years ago. Today we find ourselves in a new pandemic as covid-19 continues to take headlines and lives just as AIDS and HIV once did. As cities around the country try to determine what businesses are essential and which ones aren’t we are glad that crime scene cleaning has been deemed essential in most of the cities we help in.

When a person dies they are not always found right away. It may not be something you can imagine but as a dead body lays undisturbed for hours to days the decomposing process of nature begins. From bloating to bursting, the dead body can eventually release large amounts of blood and other fluids into the home. These bodily fluids may be diseased and can cause others to be in harms way if it is not properly cleaned. Now during covid-19 we see much of the same fear that happened during the AIDS pandemic that caused people to be rightfully worried as to how their homes are cleaned after a death.

To begin we want to take remind everyone that the fluids left behind after someone dies not only is a biohazard but it also is organic material. This material will be a host to bacteria that creates and immense odor. The odor if not professionally removed it will cause the odor to permeate throughout the homes surfaces. This could cause the entire home to be effected with extreme odors. So whether your goal is disease prevention or odor removal, you need the right crime scene cleaners to help. Thankfully ACT Cleaners is providing new recruits and trained veterans who are ready to help families around the country. With extensive additions to their teams they now have crime scene cleanup available in cities across the country. The latest addition is their crime scene cleanup in Washington DC and they have recently began helping with after death cleaning in Buffalo NY.


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