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What are the qualifications of a crime scene cleaners

Many people are becoming increasingly interested in crime scene cleanup jobs and how they can become part of this growing industry. As we have seen during the covid-19 pandemic a lot of businesses that are not essential can suffer in times like these but the crime scene cleaners have been deemed essential workers. This means that during these slow periods crime scene cleaners have expanded unlike that for many people in commerce like restaurants, bars, and travel.

So what do you have to do to get a job as a crime scene cleaners you might ask. Well the first point is to have a willingness to travel. Most crime scene cleanup companies have centralized or corporate headquarters that crime scene cleaners will travel to and from in order to complete after death cleaning in varying communities. Travel is a must with almost all the companies we are aware of but a few may still just keep their jobs to the local communities they service. The next thing up is a willingness and ability to handle extreme cleaning. After death scenes and the cleaning of them is a gruesome job. It carries a lot of weight on ones shoulders. You will almost certainly see things like blood, bodily fluids, and even brain matter. This can be a shock to anyone. If that isn’t enough, the extreme odors from some crime scene and after death scenes is enough to cause anyone to have to run out of a home and vomit. This is not two your typical mop and bucket cleaning job. Even if you thought cleaning out your Aunt Mildred’s home that was poorly kept was bad because you found some maggots. It will not compare to a home that has maggots from floor to ceiling, bugs swarming, and some of the other awful elements mentioned above. Now keep in mind not every job is this bad, but if you go into this industry you should be prepared for the worse because it will happen within your first month working. The final steps comes down to training.

With crime scene cleanup training you meet the next level of qualifications. This usually involves blood borne pathogen training. Getting all your needed shots and immunizations from infectious disease. The training courses most people take use mock crime scenes to show how to identify where blood is. Usually special black lighting is involved. Then the crime scene cleaning supervisors will show how those areas are marked off. The importance they are emphasizing here is that the unseen biohazard can be just as dangerous and the larger stuff like the brain matter or blood that has pooled. Once you have your blood borne pathogen training you are off the the races and can begin your career as a crime scene cleaner. We also are sometimes looking for new candidates that are excited for jobs in crime scene and biohazard cleaning. You can click the career tab and send us a email with your information to keep on file.


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